kimkourtkhloe said: i miss your gifs :(

me too :(

after my exams i might start a kardashian marathon

like-its-1922 said: i just feel like something`s going wrong here. I`m a massive Scott Disick fan, i love that dude so fucking much but there`s something wrong here. I heard that recently kourtney kardashian has rejected Scott`s SECOND marriage proposal expressing she doesn`t wanna marry him. Like, what sort of girlfriend says that? i dont know, i just feel kourtney uses Scott for kids and drags him around like a pet dog. anyone agree or is it just me? :s

lol idk i just like making gifs of his badass one liners

scott disick trying out his new iPad iPhone 17 [x]


sometimes I feel sad because I’m not scott disick

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